Be the “Giver” not the Taker “Receiver”!

Mohamadi Tapsoba
3 min readAug 2, 2022


Mohamadi Tapsoba

You can only define yourself with one of these two identities the “Giver” or the Taker “Receiver” in your relationships.

Who is the Giver and who is the Taker ( Receiver)? You might ask!

The Givers are the ones who commits to creating the best version of themselves possible by working on their character, values, moral, their career and finances so they can attract and keep the ones who does the same.

The Giver is the one who commits to work on their self awareness, self confidence and invest in their ability to attack and keep relationships.

The Givers practice self love and self care to better their relationship with themselves so they can understand the value they bring into a relationship.

The Givers works out on a consistent basis, not just when they feel like it because they understand the importance of feeling their best and looking their best, they dress a certain way, speak a certain way and responsible for their body look and appearance.

The Giver is the one on a constant journey of self discovery, he/she controls his/her feelings, emotionally responsible of his/her emotions and consistently seeking to understand themself so they can better understand others.

The Giver falls in love with himself/herself, take himself/herself out on a date, he/she has a small circle of friends and spend most of their time alone to create more clarity in their life instead of running around with countless amount of friends.

The Receiver is the one who is committed to chasing the right partner but failing to realize that he/she has to become someone that will attract the right partner.

In building romantic relationships specifically attracting has become the easiest part the receiver can easily attract their perception of the right person but would not be able to keep the relationship because of the fact that they did not invest in their ability to keep a relationship.

The Receivers waist time and potentially even damage their self confidence in their quest the right person.

The Receivers struggle with confidence issues because they have not built something worth feeling confident about, real confidence in a relationship lies on one’s ability to make his or her partner feel respected, loved and cared for not on beauty, material or monetary possession. Beauty, material or monetary possession are just means.

The Receivers struggle with Jealousy because of they lack competent in they ability to give the best version of themself. If you are really competent your competition will only contribute to your efforts.

The Receivers want instant gratification because of their inability to build report. they want fast or even instant commitment they can’t afford to wait till the sunrise to avoid being exposed.

As of Acts 20:35 ESV “Remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how He Himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive. ‘” it’s clear that giving is better than receiving.

The Giver attack and build successful relationships with other Givers and Receivers will attack mostly other Receivers! Today in America more that haft the marriages result to a divorce. It’s time to really think about the facts and break away from society guidelines on building relationships because it’s clearly not working!

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