How do you turn a failure to a very profitable investment?

1. Acceptance: Do not confuse accepting failure with giving up it’s not giving up in anyway chapel form. Accepting here means acknowledging that you have gotten a less desirable outcome. Quarantining this truth will allow you to proceed with clarity.

2. Take Responsibility: Shifting responsibility of a failure to someone else or to a situation you claim was “beyond your control will” deprive for the lessons, and growth that are always associated with failure.

3. Seek and learn the lessons: A failure is rare opportunity that the only few that accepts and the responsibility of it get to enjoy. Everything good that we get to enjoy today has been on the other side of failure.

4. Never identify yourself by a failure: You ability doesn’t define you. Failure doesn’t make you any less worthy. You character, values and how you make people feel defines you not your abilities.

Mohamadi Tapsoba


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Mohamadi Tapsoba

Mohamadi Tapsoba

My purpose is to Empower & Inspire individuals to live a life that empowers and inspires. Founder/CEO @tawmediagroup, @tawcapitalinc @tawtheme.