How to increase your chances of building long lasting and meaningful relationships.

Mohamadi Tapsoba
3 min readMay 6, 2022


Mohamadi Geting a Manucure at Dashbar Brickell

It’s natural for us to put time and resources towards building and strengthening our relationship with other people but we most often time forget the most relevant piece of building any relationship “the relationship with ourselves”.

We have to know ourselves, love ourselves and take good care of ourselves if we want to build long lasting and meaningful relationship.

Do we know ourselves?

That’s one of the biggest questions that comes to my mind when thinking about building a relationship because building a relationship is basically sharing some insights about ourselves to another person and see if they will be interested in going on a journey with us. So without having the right insight we will miss a lot of great opportunities or even worse build a relationship based on the wrong insight.

So before you build your build your next relationship make sure you have the right insight or you will bring the right person in your personal or business live or at the wrong time or the wrong person at the right time.

Do we love ourselves?

For instance no matter how must time and resources we invest towards building a romantic relationship we will not get the outcome desires if our romantic relationship with ourselves is not in line with desired outcome.

If we love and take good care of ourselves we will attract and someone who does the same so that we can both take care of each other and build an epic romantic relationship. Until we love to love ourselves we will never truly be able to love someone else.

Do we take care of ourselves?

Our physical appearance is sadly the most valuable asset in building certain types of relationship we can either whine and complain about how shallow people are or accept this fact and go to work to improve our look and appearance. And by improving I mean it in every single sense if the term If you don’t like what you see in the mirror chances are that many people you will come across wouldn’t either. Here is few things to consider:

Mohamadi Tapsoba With Zomo Models in Vegas
Mohamadi at the hookah convention in Vegas with ZOMO models.

Personal Hygiene:

Strive to be as clean as possible from head to toes and add a good perfume to that doing only this can take you a long way. I had a business partner started to get manicures because they see me get manicures. I don’t what can beat a business partner adopting the way you take care of yourself in building a business relationship.

Dress like a prospect not a suspect:

Define a style of clothing and dress like that with consistency: For me my personal style is Polo/ T-shirts and Jeans/ Pants alway ironed out so you look as fess as possible. In 2019 I was consulting for a company and many for the clients wanted to speak to me because they perceived me to be the go to person for anything related to negotiations and I always send them back to the owner of the company I am a 100% sure that the way I dressed had something to do with it. I don’t know what else that meant but it definitely contributed in building strong relationships with those clients and the company. You don’t have to get a $1000 Gucci belt, a $800 Dior T shirt and $1200 Ferragamo shoes. In my picture above everything I add on was less that $300 the the story I mentioned above happened mostly at this event.

There is way more aspects we can stretch into when it comes to things to how to build long lasting and meaningful relationships but I think this is enough for you to get started on your journey. Thank you for reading



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