If you can not take responsibility of a child save the world for the tragedy and don’t have any!

Mohamadi Tapsoba

What happened in these last two weeks in Dallas and Buffalo is really saddening 2 active shooting in less that 2 weeks killing 30 people leaving pain and anger and resentment to their families and communities. Last year they was 61 Active shooter incidents reported in the US that’s a 52% rise than 2020 according to an FBI report.

We are “21 weeks into the year and America has already seen 213 mass shootings.”SAEED AHMED

Where are we heading with these numbers?

What’s the problem?

These are certainly some good questions! But do we have the right answers? That’s the real question!

The majority of people focus on Guns!

Let’s talk about Guns

The most recent comprehensive survey of gun ownership worldwide was released in 2017 by the Small Arms Survey, which tallied the number of firearms (registered and unregistered) owned by civilians has reported that in the US 120.5 civilian gun owned per 100 people as of today 5 years later the Worldpopulationreview.com still reports the same number. So we can say that guns have always been around.

Here is my argument the problem is somewhere else! Gun doesn’t kill people! People kill people. Referring to these last 2 incidents two 18 years old kids killed 30+ people!

Who are their parents? maybe thats a better question“When we are talking about kids we most often think about financial means only. I do not intend to down play the money factor in raising a child but having children comes with responsibilities far beyond putting food on the table. We are to hold ourselves accountable of every single one of their actions.

This is a serious matter if you can not take full responsibility of your child please don’t have one. this might sound harsh but I think we need to be brutally honest with ourself we are to hold ourselves responsible.Here is just few matrix to put things in prospective.

A study carried out by Secure Teen mentioned that peer pressure, poor education, poor socioeconomic status, substance abuse, and neglectful parents are the top contributing factors of juvenile crime.

According 2021 US Census Bureau

Out of about 11 million single parent families with children under the age of 18, nearly 80 percent were headed by single mothers, about 4 of 10 children were born to unwed mothers. 1 of 6 children under the age of 18 is raised by a single mother.

Snapshot of Single Mother Families (2021)

As Jordan B Peterson put it “Fatherless children are at much greater risk for drug and alcohol abuse.”

What we are seeing today is the result of neglect and the pure lack of understanding of the responsibilities of parenting in our society.

Your children are your responsibility so we have to seek and strive to bless them with the inheritance of good morals, values, standards, love, courage, understanding, and the awareness of the responsibilities that comes with being part of society.

Doing this will Inspire and empower the child to live his life in such a way that empower and inspire everyone around them.

But If we fail to do that we will bring to the wold a child that would be a great source of pain for society and sometimes they impose the terror home so you will be a victim as well.

“We become our greatest enemies if we neglect our responsibilities.” The kids today is our only hope for a better future we can’t afford to Ignore this so instead of reposting a mass shooting incident ask yourself what you can do to prevent somebody you are responsible of taking care of do not cause pain to someone else! @mohamadiworks



My purpose is to Empower & Inspire individuals to live a life that empowers and inspires. Founder/CEO @tawmediagroup, @tawcapitalinc @tawtheme.

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Mohamadi Tapsoba

My purpose is to Empower & Inspire individuals to live a life that empowers and inspires. Founder/CEO @tawmediagroup, @tawcapitalinc @tawtheme.