My 60 Days break from Social Media(Instagram) and why you should take one too.

Mohamadi Tapsoba
2 min readMay 4, 2022


It’s been 60 almost Days I stoped being active on IG. Every single day for the last 60 Days I wanted to get back on Instagram an talk to all of my followers share highlights of my day and some motivational insights that I find valuable either from books or the amazing people I talk to but at the same time I have to consider that “None of the good I intend to do will be done if I am not at a good place.
We can easily lose ourselves with social media today.

By losing ourselves I mean changing the metrics with which we measure our happiness, success and friendships.

By losing I mean getting trapped in a feed back loop of people perception of you or even worst your perception of other people perception of you.

By getting lost I mean feeling like you have to live your life in a certain way different than how you wanna live your life.

By losing I mean lying to yourself and the few people that really matters around you just to show up as the person you think people on the other side of the screen want to see.

By losing I mean waisting countless amount of time that we cannot afford to lose.

By losing I mean thinking that your life sucks and everyone else is just living it up. News flash life sucks, life is hard, life beautiful and amazing but none of it is a constant but we have to opportunity to focus on either one of the status. Sometime its even better to focus on how life sucks to figure what we need to do to improve. It’s the ups and downs of life that gives us the necessity to strive to for meaning.

I always take IG breaks but this is the longest this journey have allowed me create a good amount of clarity on my personal and business life. And I would recommend you to try disconnecting from social media maybe it’s not even social media, maybe certain people, places or things or even a personal habit.

Try to create as much clarity in your life so that you can see things for the way they are. Clear the noise so you can hear your inner voice, try to be alone as much as you can because there is just a lot of things we have to figure out as human beings.

Strive to leave a life that inspire and empower. Strive to live a Conscious life. @mohamadiworks



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